9 Tips for the Prevention of Cavities

Thursday, August 27, 2015

If your teeth are often exposed to acid or sugar, the enamel (protective outer surface) on your tooth may begin to decay. If this decay becomes too extensive, you will develop a cavity. A cavity is permanent tooth decay that can only be corrected by a dentist. To encourage prevention of cavities and offset unsightly – and sometimes painful – tooth decay, you can follow these 9 helpful tips:


Brush your teeth twice daily – Brushing cleanses your mouth of sugars, acids, and harmful bacteria.


Floss every day – Tooth decay often occurs between teeth where your brush can’t reach. Floss to purge these hard-to-reach areas.


Chew gum – Gum counteracts lingering food particles and can strengthen teeth.


Eat cheese – Cheese is rich in casein, a calcium-rich combater of cavities.


Use a straw – A straw minimizes the contact liquefied sugars have with your teeth.


Skip the coffee – Morning coffee puts a layer of stain on your teeth that can last for hours.


Gargle – Mouthwash kills bacteria, freshens your breath, and sanitizes your gums.


Intake fluoride – Fluoride (both in toothpaste and water) strengthens tooth enamel.


Consider dental sealants – A dentist can place sealants on your teeth to prevent tooth decay.

If you would like to learn more about dental sealants or the prevention of cavities in Calgary AB, schedule an appointment with Abougoush Family Dental Care. Our skilled dentists also treat other related problems to cavities that will help your mouth stay clean. Make your smile radiate happiness by contacting us today!

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