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What is the Difference Between Orthodontics and Dentistry?

Have you ever wondered why you have to see your dentist for certain types of oral treatment and your orthodontist for others? Your mouth isn’t that big; shouldn’t you be able to get all of your dental work done in one location? Understanding the differences between orthodontics and dentistry answers these questions, and sheds some light on how your teeth are much more complex than you think.


  • Correction of jaw and bite
  • Maxillofacial alignment
  • As-needed basis
  • Serious malocclusions and dental problems
  • Install braces and corrective devices
  • Even, uniform smile


  • Treatment of teeth and gums
  • Regularly scheduled maintenance
  • Fill cavities
  • Offset tooth decay
  • Whiten smile
  • Ten times more common than orthodontics

Tooth Alignment vs. Tooth Health

On a basic level, orthodontic care focuses more on tooth alignment, whereas dentistry focuses on tooth health. As an added note, to learn more about tooth irregularities, an orthodontist attends two more years of school than a dentist does.

Endodentistry Focuses on Tooth Nerves

Endodentistry is also a related field. It deals with damage to dental pulp and tooth nerves. A dentist may choose to receive added specialization in endodentistry to diagnose causes and perform treatment on nerves and pulp. This also teaches an endodentist how to perform surgical root procedures and problematic root canal correction.

Comprehensive Oral Care – Schedule an Appointment!

If you would like to learn more about orthodontic options in Calgary AB, please stop by Abougoush Family Dental Care today. We offer comprehensive oral care for the entire family, including dentistry, orthodontics, and endodentistry. You can get comprehensive dental care in one location. Call today!

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