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How to Encourage Good Dental Habits Early

You make sure your child takes his or her vitamins, eats healthy, and drinks plenty of water, but what are you doing to ensure long-term oral health? Even if your child has not lost his or her baby teeth, it is important to start good dental habits early on.

Poor hygiene can lead to costly dental problems early in life, including, gum disease and painful cavities. Instilling great habits from the moment your child gets his or her first tooth is one of the best ways to prevent dental issues later on.

Ways to Promote Great Oral Health in Kids

Getting children to brush their teeth is not easy. If you find it difficult, contact your local family dentist in Calgary for tips and tricks. To ensure your child takes care of their teeth from early years, here are a few ways to promote lifelong oral health:

  • Brush Twice a Day – Brush with your child twice a day. By them seeing you brush, it teaches them that they should brush too. When your child is younger (under the age of 8), help them brush and check their teeth to make sure they cleaned them thoroughly.
  • Teach Your Child to Floss – Start the habit of flossing early on. There are plenty of floss products designed for younger children and your Calgary family dentist can recommend which types are best for your child’s teeth.
  • Never Use Threats – If you cannot get your child to brush for the full two minutes or they refuse, never resort to threats. Threatening or instilling fear about how they could suffer from cavities or painful dental appointments will only make them fear a visit to the family dentist in Calgary.
  • Ensure a Healthy Diet – Diet is critical in your child’s oral health. Make sure they drink milk regularly and avoid sugary foods. If you can, limit your child’s soda intake (or avoid it entirely) and maintain a healthy, well-balanced diet for stronger teeth and gums.

Visit a Dentist that Offers Pediatric Dentistry Services in Calgary

Regular visits to the dentist are important. You may be surprised to know how early children should start seeing a family dentist. You can contact your existing family dental clinic to see what age they start accepting patients. If your child already has several teeth, you may want to schedule a visit right away. While those first dental visits often result in just a quick check, they are referred to as “happy visits” because they familiarize your child with the dentist, the procedure, and make it less intimidating for the future.

Abougoush Family Dental in Calgary wants to help instill healthy habits in your children. We offer pediatric dentistry, cleanings, and can answer your questions about your child’s oral health. To schedule your appointment with our dental office, call us at 403-289-7370 or contact us online to book your appointment.

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