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How to Handle a Knocked Out Tooth


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Dental emergencies are no fun. Pain and an altered appearance immediately come to mind when one’s teeth are injured. If you or a loved one accidentally had a tooth knocked out, don’t hesitate in seeking emergency dental services in Calgary. Abougoush Family Dental Clinic has emergency dentists available to help with your broken, chipped or missing teeth, and ensure your teeth and gums heal properly.

3 Steps to Care for a Knocked Out Tooth

While a knocked out tooth is certainly considered a dental emergency, try not to panic. Read over the following steps so you are prepared if you or someone you know has a tooth knocked out:

  1. Immediate Attention – Calm the person who has lost a tooth; particularly if this is a child. Try to ensure they don’t swallow it and take a look to determine if other areas of the mouth, such as the lips, cheeks or gums have been damaged. If the lip is severely cut, stitches may be required and a trip to the walk-in clinic or ER may be warranted. Usually, bleeding from the socket will occur. Use sterile gauze to apply gentle but firm pressure to the area, or a teabag if the gauze is not sufficient. Provide ice if the cheek or lips have become swollen.
  2. Locate and Store the Tooth – Keeping the tooth intact should be the second priority. Find the tooth and rinse it to remove any debris. Store it in saliva or a cup of milk. Depending on the age of the patient and distance to the dental clinic, it may be kept under the tongue to keep it from drying out.
  3. Contact Your Calgary Dentist – Contact your NW Calgary dentist for emergency dental services. The faster you can get there, the better chances that the dentist will be able to salvage the tooth. Your family dentist in Calgary should be able to provide you with advice if there are unique circumstances and fit you into their schedule.

Receive Emergency Dental Care from a Family Dentist in NW Calgary

If you require an emergency dentist in Calgary for a knocked out tooth, Abougoush Family Dental is here to help you. Our team consists of friendly, caring dental professionals who have experience providing dental care to patients of all ages. Our patients turn to us for a variety of dental services in addition to emergency appointments.

Our staff is here to answer questions and assist with your dental emergencies. We welcome new patients. Contact us today at 403-289-7370 or reach us online.

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