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Looking for a New Calgary Dentist?

Abougoush Family Dental Care is Accepting New Patients

Finding a new dentist can be overwhelming. With so many family dentists in Calgary, how do you know you are picking the right one for you and your loved ones? It is important to find a dentist with the right experience, a friendly staff, and a dedication to educating their patients.

Abougoush Family Dental is currently accepting new patients. Whether you are looking for a dentist in Calgary to perform a routine cleaning or you want to learn more about advanced procedures such as Invisalign®, our team can help.

Common Oral Health Questions Answered

While you are waiting for your appointment, get a few answers to these common dental questions (and any other questions you have had on your mind).

  • How can I improve my dental health? There is no one-size-fits-all dental care plan. Some people need extra care, while others only need daily brushing and flossing. It is important to get regular teeth cleanings in Calgary. During your visit, your dental professional can let you know about any additional care needed.
  • How does a dentist improve my oral health? Dentists optimize the health of your mouth. From visiting a Calgary pediatric dentist to ensure your baby’s gums and teeth are healthy to fixing the damage done by grinding your teeth, a dentist solves your oral health problems, limits discomfort and can relieve your pain.
  • How do I know the status of my dental health now? You need to schedule an appointment with a dentist to have your teeth evaluated. Then, your dental professional can let you know your existing oral health status and how to improve it.
  • Does my family doctor need to know about my dental health? Health issues can come up because of the condition of your mouth, but your dental professional will assess any issues you have and let you know if you need to discuss them with a family physician.
  • Does my dentist need to know about my current health? Yes. A dentist should be aware of the medications you are taking, chronic conditions you have (which may affect the health of your teeth and gums), and family history.

Whether you need emergency dental in Calgary or you just need a dentist for regular checkups, contact us at the Abougoush Family Dental Care office. Give us a call at 403-289-7370 today.

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