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Are You Ready for Your Child to Lose His or Her First Tooth?

Loose teeth can cause a bit of drama around the house. Some kids will get really excited and look for crazy ways to get that tooth out (remember the string and the doorknob method?). Other children will run away and try to protect their mouth from anyone who might try to give the loose tooth…

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Common Dental Problems During Pregnancy: Prevention and Treatment

You may have heard the popular old wives’ tale “a tooth lost for every child.” This myth stems from the belief that pregnancy hormones interfere with calcium absorption, leading to dental problems and missing teeth. While studies do link pregnancy with dental problems, you don’t have to lose your teeth. Through proper oral hygiene, you…

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Which Halloween Candy Is a Nightmare for Your Children’s Teeth?

Halloween is just around the corner, which means your children are already gearing up to go trick-or-treating in their costumes. However, with all of that sugar, some of the candy your children will collect might be more of a trick than a treat. You want your children to have fun and enjoy the rewards of…

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4 Common Causes for Tooth Loss

When adults lose teeth, they don’t grow back. Playing the tooth fairy to a child may become a fun tradition in a young family. But the tooth fairy doesn’t leave money under an adult’s pillow when they lose a tooth. Adults can lose permanent teeth for any number of reasons. Read the top 4 reasons…

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How to Keep Your Mouth Its Cleanest

A beautiful smile gives confidence to its owner and offers happiness to those who see it. But when your mouth feels unclean, you may not feel like showing off those pearly whites. To keep your mouth beautiful and healthy, know how to take care of it like the professionals. Clean the Right Way Complete oral…

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Five Myths about Root Canals – What You Should Know, But Don’t

It is not uncommon for most people to cringe at the words “root canal,” but why does this common dental procedure get such negative reactions? Unfortunately, root canals got hit by a reputation as being “painful.” A number of myths still exist and patients tend to avoid root canal therapy for all the wrong reasons….

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Persistent Bad Breath? See a Calgary Dentist Today!

Occasional bad breath is normal, but it is still unpleasant. If you have persistent bad breath, you need to examine why. While sometimes it is as simple as the foods you eat, other times your bad breath is an indicator something more serious could be going on. If you are worried about bad breath, visit…

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Tips for Getting Your Kids to Floss

Oral care for children is just as important as adults. Getting your children to brush and floss regularly is not easy. Most children, even those who brush daily, do not floss as much as they should. While you may be tempted to bribe your children with treats or toys, there are other ways you can…

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How to Encourage Good Dental Habits Early

You make sure your child takes his or her vitamins, eats healthy, and drinks plenty of water, but what are you doing to ensure long-term oral health? Even if your child has not lost his or her baby teeth, it is important to start good dental habits early on. Poor hygiene can lead to costly…

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Living Life with Braces: Why It Doesn’t Have to Be a Nightmare

We live in a post-braces world – a world that no longer stigmatizes those who wear braces. Quite the contrary, with recent advancements in orthodontic medicine, braces can be as much a fashion statement as a medical treatment. Of course, as much as the medical community continues to make progress in the orthodontic field, there’s…

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