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Perfect Smile without Loose Wires: Tips for Maintaining Teeth with Braces


girl looking in the mirror, examining her braces

Teen girl looking in the mirror, examining her braces

Braces are a fantastic option for achieving a perfect smile. Unfortunately, having braces can be far less enjoyable than the results. Your Calgary orthodontist will suggest ways to minimize the discomfort you feel while wearing braces. As the patient, you can also take some steps to speed up the teeth alignment process and avoid any damage, roadblocks, or unsightly stains from forming during your treatment.

5 Tips on Caring for Your Braces

Whether you are just getting braces or are nearing the end of your treatment, you can look forward to straight teeth and a beautiful smile. Here are some tips to maintain your braces along the way:


  • 1.Brush and Floss – Maintaining a good and consistent oral hygiene routine is always important, but it becomes essential when you have braces. There are many more areas for food particles and plaque to get stuck, so take your time and use the proper techniques. Brush your teeth down from the top and up from the bottom. Feed floss through the wire to keep it from splitting and ensure you are flossing near the gums, pulling floss in a U-shape.  
  • 2.Use the Right Tools – Keeping up with your teeth cleaning routine is a lot easier if you have the right tools. Use a proxabrush or “Christmas tree” brush to clean between brackets when you brush your teeth. You may also find special floss threading tools at your drugstore or family dentist in Calgary. It can be time-consuming to properly clean your teeth, but it is worth it! Many people have their braces removed only to find a straight smile filled with cavities or white stains. 
  • 3.Eat Smart – Avoid sodas, energy drinks or sports beverages which are filled with sugar and can leave residue on your teeth and braces. Hard foods can break brackets or loosen wires, and should be avoided or cut into bite-sized pieces. Try not to chew gum or eat sticky foods that can get stuck on brackets and be tough to remove. Crunchy snacks such as popcorn should also be avoided. They can cause damage and require an extra-thorough brushing after indulging. 
  • 4.Get it Fixed – If you do have an issue with your braces and have a loose bracket or broken wire, get it fixed quickly. Call your family dentist in Calgary to have the problem looked at and repaired. Letting the issue go without treatment can lengthen the time braces are required or cause discomfort in your mouth if the hardware is sharp or protruding.  
  • 5.Make Timely Appointments – Your dentist will schedule regular checkups to tighten your braces and ensure your teeth are becoming straighter. Be honest with your dentist about your oral healthcare and be open about any concerns or questions. Don’t skip these appointments, as they are critical for keeping your treatment progressing and catching any problems you may be unaware of. 

Get Your Braces Checked at a Family Dentist in NW Calgary

Abougoush Family Dental has a team of friendly dental professionals who can give you the smile you want. We offer our patients emergency appointments, a variety of dental services and traditional as well as invisible braces to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful.

Our staff is here to answer your questions or help with your dental concerns. We are currently accepting new patients and would love to hear from you. Call us at 403-289-7370 today or contact us online.

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