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7 Reasons to Have Your Teeth Cleaned Regularly

It is recommended by the Canadian Dental Association to go to the dentist every six months. This is so you can have your teeth cleaned and inspected. To some, this may seem excessive. But there are good reasons for it. Here’s why you should have biannual dental cleanings:


To Detect Dental Problems Early

As with most health issues, dental problems are more easily treated when detected early. Because your cleaning is part of a dental exam, your dentist will check your whole mouth – not just your teeth! – for various problems when performing a cleaning.


To Prevent Gum Disease

If the build-up of plaque in your mouth isn’t taken care of, it hardens and becomes tartar. This can cause your gums to inflame, destroying your gum tissue. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. Getting dental cleanings will remove the plaque that could cause gum disease.


To Have a Brighter, Whiter Smile

During a dental cleaning, you dental hygienist will polish your teeth after plaque is removed. Dental cleanings can remove surface stains caused by certain lifestyle choices (drinking coffee, tea, wine, or using tobacco products).


To Prevent Bad Breath

Bad breath, or halitosis, is usually due to a dental problem. Having your teeth checked and cleaned helps you identify a problem that could be causing bad breath and helps prevent future problems. It also encourages good oral hygiene.


To Maintain Overall Health

Did you know that there is evidence that oral health is connected to overall health? Recent studies show a link between heart attacks and strokes to gum disease. Having your teeth cleaned and checked every six months could reduce your risk of having overall health problems.


To Prevent Oral Cancer

Did you know that your dental hygienist screens you for oral cancer during teeth cleanings? Oral cancer is highly curable if caught early.


To Save You Money

Getting a dental cleaning could save you money in the long run. In the long run, regular dental cleanings will cost much less than the cost of fixing dental problems (or overall health problems). Don’t disregard the importance of regular teeth cleanings – they really are a vital preventative procedure.

With all of these benefits, why wouldn’t you want to protect your future health and finances? Go have your teeth cleaned! If you have any questions about teeth cleaning options in Calgary AB, don’t hesitate to call us at Abougoush Family Dental Care today. We’d love to help!

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