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Slaying Bad Breath

Dragon breath following you around long after the morning has passed? Never fear, it’s easier to get rid of bad breath than it is to slay a dragon. Abougoush Family Dental Care offers these tips and tricks so you’ll never offend anyone with your bad breath again.

Most causes of bad breath are remedied with proper oral hygiene, but sometimes darker forces are at work. Cavities, cracked fillings, dirty dentures, gum disease, and tonsils can all be culprits in the war against bad breath.

Some medical conditions and medications can cause bad breath too. Stomach problems, acid reflux, diabetes, respiratory illnesses, liver disease, and postnasal drip are conditions that may make you less than pleasant to talk to.

How to Tell You Have Bad Breath

Sadly, you are always the last one to know when you’re breathing fire. There are better ways to find out how offensive your breath is without asking your friend in the next cubicle.

Get out the floss. It is the surest way to find out what your breath smells like. Floss your teeth, then inspect the floss. If it has blood on it or smells, that’s your guarantee that you’ve got a problem.

Yes, it’s disgusting, but huffing on your friend is probably worse.

What to Do If You’ve Got Bad Breath

If the cause of your breath problem is dental (cavities and the like), regular visits to the dentist for professional teeth cleanings should help you get it under control. About 80% of bad breath comes from causes in the mouth. It’s most likely that proper brushing, flossing, and cleanings will end your battle against bad breath.

If the cause is medical, which is rarer, your doctor can help you find a medication to treat the condition and the bad breath will disappear. The temporary bad breath caused by bronchitis is embarrassing, but short-lived. Sometimes you just have to wait it out.

How Garlic Destroys Your Breath

Enjoy some Italian food last night and now you’re regretting it? Garlic tends to linger on your breath because of allyl methyl sulfide—a gas absorbed into the blood stream when garlic is digested. AMS is transported from the blood stream all over the body, then excreted from the skin pores and exhaled from the lungs.

No matter how much you brush your teeth or gargle mouthwash, you won’t get rid of that aura of garlic surrounding you. The best plan of attack is to avoid garlic, but since it’s too late for that you can try some of these:

  • Chew coffee beans, gum, or parsley
  • Eat mint, cardamom, fennel, cloves, or anise
  • Suck on a lemon wedge
  • Drink tea (mint or green)
  • Down a glass of milk

Fighting bad breath may seem like an endless battle, but with the right care, you’ll never offend. Need a second opinion about getting rid of bad breath? Contact Abougoush Family Dental Care for professional advice.

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