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The 3 Best Teeth Whitening Options and How to Keep Teeth White Longer

Take it from the dental experts at Abougoush Family Dental Care who know all about keeping teeth white – there are many pretenders out there, masquerading as effective whitening agents. So how do you unmask these products and find the best teeth whitening options instead? Let’s talk whitening basics first.

Straight Talk from the Dental Chair

Anyone who works in the dental profession can tell you that tooth colour is most influenced by what you eat and drink. Therefore, no matter your choice of whitening treatment, your teeth will eventually change colour over time. Most patients won’t alter their eating behaviours enough to offset this. Be realistic about your whitening expectations.

Here are several effective options for whitening your teeth:


Whitening Strips

Although these aren’t custom-fitted, for the price you pay, you get decent results. Avoid whitening “pens” and/or bleaching kiosks that are high on hype, but low on actual whitening.


Customized Bleaching Trays

This professional option costs a little more, but has great results. Because the trays are customized by your dentist, they’re comfortable to wear overnight, which may be another reason they show positive results fairly quickly. Carbamide peroxide is an active ingredient (it’s gentler on gums than is hydrogen peroxide). This tooth whitening solution is offered at Abougoush.


Laser Whitening

This is not available everywhere, and is the most expensive whitening method. It is an aggressive option, causing some sensitivity and pain, but produces impressive results.

Need more ideas on the best teeth whitening options in Calgary? Contact the professionals at Abougoush Family Dental Care.

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