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Say Cheese: What Does Your Smile Say About You?

Knocked out tooth in Calgary Alberta

Being generous with your smile can do wonders for you. Doors begin to open and new connections can be made by those who smile often, and confidently. You have probably considered your own smile. Whether in photographs or in front of the mirror, having a smile you feel confident sharing can improve your life and relationships with others. If you aren’t sure why your smile is so important, read on to learn more. You can also visit the Calgary family dentists at Abougoush Family Dental Care to find out how you can learn to love your smile and care for it properly.

Get Grinning: Smile Facts

Not convinced about what your smile is conveying? Here are some facts about smiles and how they communicate a lot about your personality and overall health:

  • Moody Days – It is no wonder people want to capture smiles, however forced or natural, in photographs. A smile makes you look happy and most people will make assumptions about a person’s mood based on their smile (or lack thereof). If there is another reason you aren’t smiling that has nothing to do with how you’re feeling, but in reality because of the appearance of your smile, contact your cosmetic dentist in Calgary for Invisalign® to give you a straight and beautiful smile.
  • Perceptions – Beyond mood, people make a lot of other assumptions about you based on your smile. Success, confidence, vulnerability, intentions, beauty, and approachability are all gauged based on a person’s pearly whites. Let your smile reflect the true you with teeth whitening at your Calgary dental clinic.
  • Smile Anxiety is Real – Many individuals suffer from smile anxiety or fear of showing their smile. Usually, it is because of chipped, missing, discoloured or other tooth concerns that make them self-conscious. If you suffer from smile anxiety, you are not alone. You also don’t have to suffer any longer. The cosmetic dentists at Abougoush Family Dental Care provide a variety of dental procedures to repair your teeth and give you a smile you are happy to show the world.

Visit Your NW Calgary Family Dentist

Abougoush Family Dental Care offers a wide variety of professional and friendly cosmetic dentistry services. Our team is dedicated to giving you and your entire family a smile you are happy show off, so you can reach your full potential. From routine oral health checkups to specific cosmetic procedures and emergency care, we offer all the services you need for a lifetime of healthy, happy and beautiful teeth and gums. We are currently accepting new patients and would love to have you visit our NW Calgary dental clinic.

Visit us today to learn more about how you can perfect your smile with cosmetic dental procedures. Give us a call at 403-289-7370 to book your appointment or contact us online today.

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