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What to Do If You Chip, Break or Lose a Tooth

Exciting, enjoyable, exceptional, these are all words that have never been used to describe a chipped tooth or broken tooth. It seems like troublesome things happen at troublesome times, simply because there is no convenient time for a chipped tooth or any dental emergency. However, when crisis does strike and you need to consult a trained dental expert, it’s best to get in touch with an emergency dentist as soon as possible.

So You’ve Chipped or Broken a Tooth, Now What? Visit an Emergency Dentist

The number one thing to do when you’ve chipped a tooth is not panic. This is a more common occurrence than one would imagine, and there is absolutely no reason to raise alarm. Simply find the piece of tooth that has been chipped, store it in a safe place, and schedule a visit to a dentist immediately. Putting off a dental visit could lead to potential nerve damage, which makes reattaching the chipped tooth both more costly and more difficult.

When a tooth is chipped or broken, there are a few ways to assess the damage. The first and easiest, way to self-assess is by paying attention to how much pain is produced. If only the enamel of the tooth has broken off, typically there will be very little pain. Instead, the chip or break will be far more noticeable than painful. If it hurts to consume hot or cold foods of drinks or if breathing causes the tooth to hurt, the tooth’s inner layer may very well be exposed. In these cases, the pain will feel like intense sensitivity to these stimuli. Finally, if there is redness within the tooth the nerve chamber might be exposed.

In each of these circumstances, the first thing to do is not panic and the second thing to do is get in touch with a dentist.

I’ve Lost a Tooth – What Is The Procedure?

Repairing chipped or broken teeth often amounts to nothing more than bonding. With bonding, dentists effectively use a special glue to adhere a bonding material with a tooth. After the procedure, the bonded tooth looks like a normal tooth.

In the case of lost teeth, the procedure can involve the use of dental implants. This exciting, exceptional, modern dental procedure involves surgically implanting a replacement tooth into the jawbone using a titanium metal rod. The process is carried out in two parts that typically take place over a few weeks.

First, the titanium rod is painlessly set in place, allowing the metal to form contacts and fuse with the jawbone. Once the rods have fused with the bone, a replacement tooth is secured in place. The final result is indistinguishable from a real tooth.

If you’re in need of an emergency dentist in Calgary, or dental implants, contact Abougoush Family Dental Care Calgary, immediately.

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