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Emergency Dentist in Calgary

Accidents happen. Teeth chip. Fillings get lost. When you have a dental emergency, contact Abougoush Family Dental Care and meet with an emergency dentist in Calgary. We understand that few things are more excruciating than waiting for a dentist appointment after experiencing dental trauma. Dental emergencies such as chipped or broken teeth due to an accident, and lost fillings while chewing, require immediate intervention by the closest available emergency dentist. With our emergency dentist services, Abougoush Family Dental Care makes alleviating your pain and treating your dental emergency as soon as possible our top priority.


Contact us immediately if you are experiencing, or have experienced recent:


  • Broken or cracked teeth

  • Lost crowns or fillings

  • Trauma to the mouth, including soft-tissue injuries

  • Dislodged, or partially dislodged, teeth

  • Severe toothache or other oral pain


Our dentists have each accumulated years of experience diagnosing and resolving dental emergencies for Calgary residents.

Need an Emergency Dentist in Calgary? Get Immediate Dental Care Services at Abougoush Family Dental Care

What You Can Do in a Dental Emergency to Preserve a Tooth or Staunch Pain

Abougoush Family Dental Care offers a few pieces of advice when it comes to handling a dental emergency. As soon as facial trauma occurs, the first step is to contact our emergency dentists at our Calgary clinic and explain your dental emergency. Letting us know what emergency you’re facing can permit us to provide essential information on preserving the tooth if it has been broken or dislodged, in order to potentially re-attach it. Since we offer emergency dentist services, we will also be able to supply you with methods for easing pain, as well as preventing more damage to the affected area. Once you’ve arrived at our office, the information you’ve provided will make it easier for the emergency dentist to treat your oral trauma, or refer you to a specialist who can help further.

While you don’t plan on a dental emergency, you can make an emergency plan. For this reason, we encourage all of our Calgary patients to save our office number onto their cell or home phones. This tactic is particularly useful if you, or your family members, participate in extreme or full-contact sports.

Woman booking an emergency dentist appointment on phone

Call Us for Same Day Emergency Dentist Appointments

We understand that dental emergencies can’t always wait until the next day. Don’t hesitate to call Abougoush Family Dental Care at 403-289-7370. Our emergency dentists in Calgary are able to accommodate same day treatment during our regular office hours.


We're now accepting new patients of all ages!


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