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Pediatric Dentistry Services in Calgary

Dental care can never start too early. Getting your children accustomed to regular dentist visits early on helps reduce dentist-related anxieties later on in life. At Abougoush Family Dental Care in Calgary, pediatric dentistry services are available for children of all ages. We recommend that you schedule regular, semi-annual appointments to help get your child started on a lifetime of good dental health habits. Our dentists provide a wide range of dental procedures for children and teens. It’s important to start good dental hygiene as soon as your baby’s first tooth appears.

What to Expect from Your Child’s First Dentist Appointment

Our dentists can offer many of the services a Calgary pediatric dentist provides. Abougoush Family Dental Care recommends scheduling an initial check-up when children are about 2 years old, or whenever you notice the appearance of their very first teeth. Our dental team will do our best to answer any questions you have about your child’s dental and oral health. On a typical first dentist appointment, our dentists will provide the following:


  • If your child is above the age of 3, we take X-rays to check for decay between teeth, as well as make sure teeth are coming in the way they should.

  • Look for problems with the jaw, gums, and tissues.

  • Examine your child’s bite.

  • Clean your child’s teeth, and suggest a dental sealant to protect them from cavities.

  • Talk to parents about oral health (such as the use of fluoride, and the importance of regular and proper brushing and flossing).


Ensuring your child receives pediatric dental care early on is essential to preventing future problems down the road. We can detect complications caused by oral habits such as thumb sucking, address concerns about teething, and educate you about customized tooth care tailored to fit your child’s tender age. If our general dentists find any issues that our office can’t address, we can always recommend you to a pediatric dentist in Calgary who specializes in the areas of concern.

How to Care for Your Child’s Teeth during Their Developmental Years

Children’s dentistry is important. As you child’s body grows and changes, so do their teeth. One of the ways you can care for your child’s teeth during their development years is to schedule routine appointments with your family dentist. At Abougoush Family Dental Care, our staff monitors tooth developments and treats any dental problems before they have a chance to set in and cause permanent damage. Children’s dentistry allows you to help your child form positive dental health habits. Serious dental issues often crop up during development years, and early detection goes a long way in avoiding and preventing painful abnormalities, as well as costly repairs, in the future.

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How Pediatric Dentistry Helps You Maintain Tooth Care for Life

Learning good dental habits through pediatric dentistry leads to a lifelong dedication to healthy tooth care. As a family dentist, Abougoush Family Dental Care looks to be there for your oral health needs throughout your life. From general dental services like teeth cleanings and exams to cosmetic dentistry like dental implants and crowns, our office provides treatments for patients no matter what age group they belong to. You can find treatments at our dental clinic including, but not limited to:


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As a family dentist clinic, Abougoush Family Dental Care in Calgary is equipped to provide pediatric dental services as well as dental care for patients of all ages. Call us to schedule your whole family’s next round of cleanings.

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