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Dentist and patient discussion about planned teeth treatment in dental clinic office


General Dentistry Services at Calgary’s Abougoush Family Dental Care

Let the general dentists at Abougoush Family Dental Care take an up-close look at your teeth. Taking care of the needs of patients of all ages, we will make professional recommendations on what dental services and treatments would work best for you. The comprehensive list of services and treatments offered by our friendly, licensed general dentists in Calgary include:

Friendly, Licensed General Dentists in Calgary

Teeth Cleanings and Prevention

From routine dental exams and teeth cleanings to digital x-rays, fluoride treatments, and sealants, we offer various techniques for prevention so you can maintain good long-term oral health. We also provide our patients with the tools they will need to continue their oral care at home, including toothbrushes, floss, and mouthwash.

Periodontal Disease Screening and Prevention

Periodontal disease affects nearly 80% of the Canadian population. Don’t let it go undetected! We will check your gums for periodontal disease at your next check-up or teeth cleaning appointment. If we determine you are at risk, we will suggest preventive measures, which may include scaling, root planing, polishing, and fluoride.


Are your teeth crooked or crowded? Get the straighter teeth you have always wanted with our orthodontics care. We can correct a variety of orthodontic conditions, including overbites, open bites, and spacing problems. Solutions may include braces, removable retainers, aligners, palatal expanders, and/or lip/cheek bumpers.

Root Canals

Occasionally, it becomes necessary to provide root canal treatment for patients suffering from a deep cavity or traumatic tooth damage. If your mouth is sore or swollen, we will conduct a thorough examination to determine the cause and a remedy. Abougoush Family Dental Care is equipped to handle the procedure in-house or through our outside surgical facility in Calgary.

Sedation/Surgical Services

Are you anxious about visiting the dentist? You are not alone. Because we understand dental anxieties are quite common, we offer sedation dentistry services to ensure your comfort during dental procedures. Our services range from general anesthesia to conscious sedation and in-office light sedation.

Emergency Dental

Are you experiencing a dental emergency? We offer same-day emergency dental appointments in Calgary. Whether you are suffering from a severe toothache or have lost a dental crown or filling, we strive to alleviate your pain and provide treatment as soon as possible.

Pediatric Dentistry

Maintaining healthy teeth and gums for life begins with pediatric dentistry. We can detect complications caused by oral habits such as thumb sucking, address concerns about teething, and educate you about customized dental care to fit your child’s needs.

Teeth Extractions

Do you have broken or decayed teeth as a result of dental trauma or periodontal disease? Our general dentists in Calgary provide safe teeth extraction services.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

If left untreated, wisdom teeth can create a world of havoc inside your mouth. They can erupt through your gums causing swelling, pain, cavities, infections, gum disease, cysts, and more. We provide wisdom tooth removal procedures for patients of all ages.

Happy dental patient

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Conveniently located near the C-Train, as well as various bus routes, Abougoush Family Dental Care is equipped to provide a wide range of general, cosmetic, and emergency dental services and treatments right out of our Calgary clinic. Contact our Calgary clinic today to schedule an appointment!

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