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A little girl is comfortable to treat her teeth under superficial sedation


Sedation Dentistry Services in Calgary

Abougoush Family Dental Care offers sedation dentistry services for Calgary residents. Anxiety sometimes plays a major role in a patient’s reluctance to regularly visit their dentist. If you, or your loved ones, are overcome with anxiety at the mere thought of having work done on your teeth Abougoush Family Dental Care can ease your mind.


Our Calgary dental clinic offers sedation dentistry services off-site that allow you to get your teeth cleaned, repaired, or replaced, without the crippling fear experienced by some patients. An anesthetist will apply the anesthesia, and in addition to calming the patient’s anxiety, our sedation dentistry services also allow for a reduction in treatment time by minimizing lengthy pauses in treatment.

General Anesthesia and Conscious Sedation

For cases of advanced dental anxiety, our sedation dentistry services involve accompanying the patient to the surgical facility where the anesthesia is applied, and our dentist subsequently performing the dental procedure the patient needs. This surgical facility is staffed by anesthesiologists, as well as their nursing and administrative support staff, in order to give patients full coverage by medical experts during procedures. Once at this facility, you will be given a choice between general anesthesia and conscious sedation to allow for any or all procedures to be performed comfortably and efficiently.


  • General anesthesia allows patients to be asleep throughout the entire procedure.

  • Conscious sedation allows you to remain awake throughout any given treatment; however, the anesthetic medication induces a state of relaxation, as well as numbs any pain that may accompany a procedure.


Additionally, our off-site anesthesiologists will manually adjust the level of sedation based on the amount of anxiety you may be experiencing while in the chair.

Dentist is going to inject anesthesia to the patient before starting dental treatment

In-Office Light Sedation

Abougoush Family Dental Care offers in-office light sedation as an option for patients who experience a mild level of anxiety or for patients who have come to the office for complex or lengthy procedures. Light sedation modalities, such as administration of a mild oral sedative, help many patients relax while remaining awake and breathing on their own. Typically, patients recover from the effects of mild sedation within a few hours. Our Abougoush Family Dental Care dentists would be happy to discuss your concerns and questions about these forms of sedation with you.

Oral care is essential to ensuring general health. Don’t let fear get in the way of regular visits to your dentist. Contact Abougoush Family Dental Care’s clinic in Calgary and ask us how our sedation dentistry services can benefit you.


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