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Periodontal Care in Calgary

When one thinks of oral health, taking care of your teeth is often the first idea to come to mind. However, the health of your gums is just as important, and periodontal care in Calgary is vital for maintaining a healthy smile. The health of your gums and the health of your teeth are linked, affecting each other. For example, adult tooth loss in Canada is primarily caused by periodontal or gum disease which affects up to 80% of the population.


If you are looking for comprehensive periodontal care in Calgary to protect your overall health, turn to Abougoush Family Dental Care. We can work with you to find a treatment that fits your specific condition, whether that includes a more extensive oral health regimen at home or surgical therapy.

What Is Periodontal Disease & What Causes It?

Food particles, bacteria, and hardened plaque (tartar) can irritate the gums and cause periodontal or gum disease. Periodontal disease is an infection of the gums and other structures that surround your teeth. Gingivitis, the earliest stage of the disease, can go undetected without regular check-ups and cleanings. This early stage only affects the gums, but if not treated it can become more severe, targeting the tissue and bone that support your teeth. Abougoush Family Dental Care in Calgary offers gum disease treatment as well as performs thorough examinations of your teeth and gums during routine check-ups. We know what signs to look out for when trying to detect periodontal disease.

Symptoms of Periodontal or Gum Disease

There are a number of symptoms to look out for concerning periodontal disease. First, the condition starts with minor swelling, redness, and sometimes tenderness of the gums. Other signs include loose teeth, new spacing between teeth, persistent bad breath, pus surrounding teeth, and bleeding gums. As it advances, periodontal disease can cause gum recession, bone loss, tooth loss, and has been linked to other conditions, including strokes, heart attacks, diabetes, and increased risk during pregnancy. Smoking also increases the risk of periodontal disease.

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Gum Disease Treatment in Calgary – What You Can Do

The good thing about periodontal disease is that it is preventable. Abougoush Family Dental Care is able to provide complete Calgary gum disease treatment, but there are some simple steps you can take to prevent this condition. We recommend the following:


  • Brushing – This cannot be overstated. Brushing your teeth is important. Be sure to brush daily as well as after meals to keep food particles and plaque from building up on your teeth. Brushing also loosens particles from between your teeth and gums, preventing bacteria from settling there. Brushing your tongue also fights bacteria in your mouth.

  • Flossing – Flossing is another way to help prevent gum disease. We recommend flossing daily to help remove food particles and plaque from between your teeth that brushing leaves behind.

  • Use mouthwash – Another way to prevent gum disease is by swishing your mouth with mouthwash. Similar to floss, mouthwash helps get rid of what brushing misses. Additionally, mouthwash can help fight bacteria and reduce plaque.

  • Understand your risk – You may find that you’re more at risk for gum disease because of certain factors. Smoking and your diet can attribute to periodontal disease, so too can your genes and age. If you are at increased risk for periodontal disease, be sure to schedule frequent visits to the dentist to discuss further preventative measures.

Visit Us in Calgary

At Abougoush Family Dental Care, gum disease treatment is available for mild to severe cases. We will check your gums for periodontal disease at your check-up or cleaning appointment. If we find that you are at risk, we will suggest preventive measures and recommend periodontal therapy that suits your needs, including scaling, root planing, polishing, and fluoride. Book a consultation with our dentist today.

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