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Root Canals in Calgary

Abougoush Family Dental Care offers root canals. Calgary dental patients often find root canals a major source of anxiety, regardless of age, because of the alleged pain attached to the procedure. However, root canals are meant to relieve pain, and our dentists take every precaution to ensure your comfort during the procedure. Sedation services, for example, are one way in which we help make the treatment go a little smoother. If you would like to learn more about root canals in Calgary, our blog outlines five myths about root canals that may help set your mind at ease.

When Do I Need a Root Canal?

Generally speaking, our dentists will usually be able to treat and clean your teeth without the need for major procedures. However, occasionally, patients with deep cavities or traumatic tooth damage will need additional treatments for the nerve canal of their tooth – a root canal. Calgary dental patients can opt to have their teeth removed and replaced with bridgework or dental implants, but root canals offer a much simpler solution. Despite the stigma attached to a root canal, Calgary dentists ensure that the procedure usually fixes problems quicker and with less damage to your mouth than other, more invasive treatments.

How Do I Know I Need a Root Canal?

The need to contact our Calgary dental office about a root canal will present itself through the following warning signs:


  • High sensitivity to hot or cold

  • Pain when biting

  • Facial swelling


After a thorough examination, our dentists will be able to tell you exactly what’s causing the pain and swelling, as well as what needs to be done to remedy it. If a root canal is needed, Abougoush Family Dental Care’s Calgary clinic is equipped to handle the simple procedure in-house, or through our outside surgical facility for those that require additional sedation services. Hopefully, with routine examinations, we can reduce the need for an emergency root canal. Calgary dental patients can rely on us for emergency dental care, but it’s best to address oral health issues as soon as possible before they are allowed to increase in pain.


A root canal procedure is generally carried out using the following simple steps:


  • Your dentist will administer a local anesthetic to the area requiring work.

  • In order to eliminate the risk of bacteria seeping into your tooth through saliva, a rubber dam will be placed around it.

  • Your dentist will then create a small opening in your tooth in order to gain access to the root canal system, as well as the damaged pulp.

  • With the use of very fine and precise instruments, your dentist will clean and enlarge the root canal system and remove the pulp.

  • After cleaning, the canal is filled and sealed.

  • Lastly, the opening in your tooth is sealed with a filling.

After your root canal procedure is complete, we cover your tooth in a porcelain crown that will both strengthen it and improve its appearance. Our dentists will supply you with comprehensive post-root canal information on how to prevent swelling, pain, and any future decay.

Drill and needle for root canal treatment

How Can I Prevent Future Root Canals?

The best root canal prevention is a regular dental check-up, which can treat cavities and provide preventative dental protection before decay becomes bad enough to require a root canal. We also recommend wearing proper mouth guards during high-impact activities to avoid the potential for traumatic tooth injury.

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